Multi-Platform Usage


You can use our viewer on all major operating systems with a stable internet connection.

This online MBOX viewer is a secure and free MBOX file viewer application for viewing mbox file email messages online. It allows users to view MBOX file mails on Mobile (iOS and Android), Computer (Windows, Linux, Mac, Chromebook), Any Web Browser, etc. You just have to select MBOX file in this online MBOX viewer website and it will generate instant preview of all email messages along-with email headers and email attachments.

How to use Online MBOX Viewer?

Step 1

Either Drag and Drop MBOX file into Above Box or Click to Select MBOX file.

Step 2

Wait till the MBOX file loading and reading process is complete.

Step 3

Finally, view all mbox email messages on the Same Page by Scrolling Down.

What is a MBOX file and why is it used?

MBOX is an email file used for saving many email messages in a single file in plain text format. Users can read MBOX files into desktop email applications like: Thunderbird and text editors like Microsoft Notepad. MBOX file finds usage due to content simplicity (being a plain text file), ease of email backup and archival, and email compliance and preservation for legal purposes.

Email Clients that Supports MBOX file

Many email clients support the MBOX file format for storing emails messages. This online MBOX viewer allows users to view MBOX file created with any email application. Some major email clients having MBOX support are:

  1. Thunderbird
  2. Apple Mail
  3. Entourage
  4. Earthlink
  5. SeaMonkey
  6. Netscape
  7. Evolution
  8. The Bat!
  9. Eudora
  10. Pocomail
  11. Claws Mail
  12. Kmail
  13. Mulberry

How to View MBOX file without Email Clients?

Since this online file viewer doesn’t require the installation of any email client, you can view your emails in MBOX file format on your Android or Apple mobiles, besides Android tablets and iPads.

Why select this Online MBOX Viewer?

We understand that every email stored in MBOX format is crucial for you. We assure you of total email data security since we just display the emails on your web browser without uploading them to our servers. Moreover, we only access the MBOX files stored on your computer or mobile within the browser itself.

There are other reasons for selecting our online MBOX file viewing service, and we are mentioning them in the following points:

  • Direct Email Access: Since our online MBOX viewer doesn’t require installation on your computer or mobile, you can access your emails directly on a web browser.
  • Multi-platform Usage: You can use our viewer on all major operating systems - Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, Linux - with a stable internet connection.
  • Simple Web Interface: The user interface of the MBOX viewer website is straightforward without any technicalities. Everyone can access their emails using our simple MBOX file viewer.

Ways to view MBOX file emails

There are multiple ways to read MBOX file emails with other data. Some of them are listed below:

  • MBOX Supported Email Client: Browse the MBOX file into supported email application and read emails.
  • Online MBOX Viewer: Use MBOX viewer tool and browse the MBOX file from which you want to read email messages. It will provide the instant preview of MBOX file emails.
  • Offline MBOX Viewer Software: User can download MBOX viewer software and install it on your system. After that select the MBOX file and view emails messages into software preview panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Yes, you can use the MBOX viewer website on your Android or Apple mobile and preview your emails with complete data privacy.

Ans. No. It is a web-based MBOX file viewer, so you don’t have to install it on your computer or mobile. Just visit our website and select your MBOX file to access your emails.

Ans. Yes, you can use our MBOX Viewer website to view your Apple Mail emails in MBOX format. Moreover, we support MBOX files exported from other email apllications or email services like Thunderbird, Google Takeout, SeaMonkey, Claws Mail, Eudora, Pocomail, Earthlink and others.

Ans. Yes, you can view your emails with our MBOX Viewer on all web browsers, including Microsoft Edge.