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Here’s How to Open a Large MBOX file in Easy Steps

Published On January 31st, 2024 • 5 Min Read

It is common to have large MBOX files with you, but what if you don’t know how to open them? It can be problematic! In this article we will explore how to open a large MBOX file with easy steps. Start reading the article to learn how to open all your MBOX files at once.

MBOX file format is a standard mailbox that stores email messages on your computer. MBOX files contain the entire email conversation including all the messages and email attachments in a plain text format. These file formats are portable and compatible with multiple different email applications.

With professionals and businesses it is common to have a large number of .MBOX files with them as they necessarily need a file format that can manage their email communications efficiently. Today we will introduce you to the easiest method to open large-sized MBOX files while saving your time and endeavor.

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Try Free Online MBOX File Viewer Open and access very large MBOX files at once.

How to Open a Large MBOX file?

Opening a single MBOX file is easy and can be done manually. Such as you can efficiently open a single MBOX file with the use of different applications like MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc. But when it comes to open large-sized MBOX files in bulk, no manual method comes in help.

In this case the only solution that can help you is, Online secured tools. There are several tools available in the market, but you should always go for trusted, safe and secure tools. The best professional’s suggested tool is Free Online MBOX Viewer tool that has helped several businesses to open all their MBOX files in batch while making it such an easy work.

The tool is developed by the world’s best professionals and built with advanced technologies. This tool is the future of IT industries which is growing rapidly all over the world helping millions of small and large businesses to open huge-sized .MBOX files in seconds. Below you can read more about the features of this free tool, but first let’s see how to use it to open a large MBOX file step-by-step.

Open Large-Sized MBOX files in Just 3 Steps:

  1. Simply open the tool in your browser to open a large MBOX file.
    (Make sure you are connected to the internet)
  2. Drag and drop .MBOX file from the computer path or use the Select Option for the same purpose.
  3. Now just click on the Open button. So that’s all you need to do to open a large MBOX file.

Note: We researched and found a tool called SysTools MBOX File Converter. It is also available in the market, you can try by clicking here.

SysTools MBOX Converter


Large MBOX files are not easy to manage and the task is especially overwhelming when trying to open a large MBOX file. For individual file management, applications such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple Mail can be used manually; otherwise this process becomes complicated for larger amounts. The tool mentioned in the article offers the most convenient way to easily open large-sized MBOX files without needing any application. The tool is designed by the professionals that simplifies this task and lets users easily open and manage large .MBOX files while improving efficiency and saving time.

Frequently Asked Questions by the Users:

Q1. What is an MBOX file?

A: MBOX file is like a box where your emails are kept on your computer. You might need to open a large MBOX file because it stores lots of email messages, and businesses often have many of them for managing their emails effectively.

Q2. Can I open a single MBOX file by myself, and which apps can I use?

A: Yes, you can open one .mbox file using apps like MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Apple Mail. But when you have many big MBOX files together, doing it manually becomes hard.

Q3. Why should I use an online tool to open a large MBOX file?

A: The tool offers the easiest way to open large-sized MBOX files. The article suggests using safe tools, and the free online recommended tool is trustworthy, secure, and built by professionals.

Q4. How does the tool make it easy to open large MBOX files?

A: Open huge MBOX Files in just 3 steps:

  1. Open the Free tool in your browser.
  2. Drag and drop the .mbox file.
  3. Click Open to read MBOX files.

This easy process helps you open a very large MBOX file without any hassle.

Q5. Is the tool a good choice for opening large MBOX files?

A: Yes, it’s a reliable choice. Developed by experts and using advanced technology, it has helped many businesses to quickly open huge MBOX files. Choosing the trusted tool ensures a smooth experience in handling lots of email data.