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Here’s How to Open MBOX file from Google Takeout

Published On February 18th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Google Takeout is the best tool for backing up and archiving your data from Google services. It allows user to download all of their data from Google services such as Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos in an individual file. However, once users have downloaded the file, users may be wondering how to open Google Takeout file. In this post, we will let you know the solution to open MBOX file from Google Takeout.

Manual Solution to Open Google Takeout MBOX files Online

In this segment, we will familiarize you with the two manual solutions. According to your needs, select the most suitable among them. Also, Apple Mail enables users to open MBOX file from Google Takeout. Because it allows MBOX format. If users want to use the manual solution, users can follow the given steps deliberately.

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Open Mac Google Archive Mail Online

Here is the working step process to open MBOX files from Google Takeout:

  1. First, open Apple Mail > File menu and then Import Mailboxes.
  2. Then, hit on files in MBOX format. Press continue.
  3. Choose the destination where users want to store the MBOX files. Hit on choose.
  4. After choosing MBOX files, the importation of the selected Mailbox file starts.
  5. Finally, hit on done and your file will be imported to its designated place (Import Folder).

Once all the steps are done, users can open the file in the designated folder (Import Folder). Now, we will discuss another manual solution to open and view Google Takeout data for your convenience.

Tips:- Open MBOX file in Outlook Email Application

Open Google Takeout MBOX file

  1. Open the Google Takeout
  2. Log into your Google account with login details.
  3. Tick the data that users want to download to your local devices.
  4. In File type, frequency, and location, select the needed features.
  5. For instance, select delivery method, Frequency, and file type and size. Click on Create Export.
  6. After this, hit on download archive to open Mac Google Archive mail online.

Thus users can simply download the data from Google takeout to their local devices. Though, the file will be available in the .mbox extension. In that case, it is compulsory to have an MBOX supported on your PC. So, users can open Google Takeout emails simply. Otherwise, users are required to search for a solution to open MBOX files on their PC.

Further, we will describe the alternate solution for users. Through this method, users can read the MBOX file easily.

Tips:- You can search on Google SysTools Gmail Backup Tool to take Gmail data backup instantly without any hassle. Just click on this link to check the working steps of the application by yourself.

Professional Free Online Solution to Open MBOX file from Google Takeout

Several users suggest the Free Online MBOX file viewer for its efficiency and reliability. With this application, users can open Google Takeout emails to save crucial time with a satisfactory outcome. This software supports opening MBOX files of any file size wherein it creates a preview of all MBOX data in different preview modes.

This robust software supports MBOX files, which are created in Gmail, Thunderbird, Google Takeout, Mac Mail, etc. The best feature of this tool is capable of reading and examining the MBOX without installing any MBOX-supported email applications on the PC. This software also supports to Open MBOX files in Chrome

Steps to View MBOX file from Google Takeout

  1. Initially open the software on your PC
  2. Then drag and drop the MBOX file from the PC or use the select option for the same.
  3. Finally, just hit on the open button. So that’s all users are required to do to open the MBOX file from Google Takeout.

Why users prefer this application over others

  • Easy to Use: – This free online tool has a user-friendly interface that makes it simple for you to open Google takeout MBOX files.
  • Forensics Usage: – Users can read and view files, which may contain email messages, attachments and more. It is a specialized tool that avoids causing corruption in any potentially relevant data. Thus users can use it in forensics as well.
  • Fast Processing: – This tool has a rapid processing speed that enables you to procedure and access your Gmail data rapidly.
  • Maintain Data Structure: – The software preserves the data integrity and folder structure while viewing emails or other items in Google Takeout.
  • Without Any File Size Limitation: – This application does not have any file size limitation, and users can access large MBOX files rapidly without any issues.

Last Words

In this article, we discussed two solutions to open MBOX file from Google Takeout. If users look at both solutions, users will be capable of finding a suitable solution for them. However, most people prefer the professional over the manual solution. With this online software, users can easily access their Google Takeout files and read important email messages whenever required.